When Taxi’s and Uber’s Unite As One

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Photo by Ghost Presenter on Pexels.com

I have not drunk the Kool Aid.

Ride-share companies have been a means for me for the time being. I first signed up back in December of 2014 for both Uber and Lyft. It was a side-job which I took quite an interest in, for it all seemed like easy money to me.

Of course, this was back when the rates were higher and the amount of drivers on the road was substantially less.

Just recently, we hear of the Uber driver who was brutally murdered by a young rider wielding a machete. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t the first or last incident to occur. It can be dangerous for both driver – on any platform – and passenger.

Despite the seemingly constant controversy surrounding Uber, it has been a blessing in disguise for me.

I made quite a big decision to leave my full-time job as a bank teller in order to be a full-time day student. Thankfully, I made the right decision. In another year, I will have earned my long-awaited Bachelor’s degree.

Connecting With The Community

Being able to take brakes at ones will has its perks. As a practicing Muslim, whenever it is time for prayers, I would drive to the closest mosque. I remember how I visited three different mosque in one day, a blessing for Boston’s ummah. 

Now that it is Ramadan, it is especially important for me to pray on time and catch the congregational prayers.

I would notice many others drivers that share in this experience of popping into the mosque at time of prayers. Whether they are cab, limousine, or ride-share drivers, the parking lots would be full of us all coming together for worship.

I praise and admire the brothers that have been driving for a living, however, I do not plan on doing this much longer, for I have a different career plan upon finishing school. It saddens me, though, to know how I may no longer join them as often.

Earning a Five Star Rating

For those who use ride-share services as a rider, tips are always appreciated.

You’re paying a fraction of what a cab would cost, which the driver receives a portion of. If cash isn’t at hand, Lyft conveniently gives you the option for gratuity.

This unique feature shouldn’t be exclusive to Lyft. If you favor the ability to tip within the Uber app, take part by voicing your opinion via their social media accounts.


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